Ender, The bastards wouldn’t put my letter through untill now. To be honest I must of written the same letter about a hundred times. You are probably thinking that I didn’t but I can asure you that I did. I do hope that you believe me. I haven’t forgotten you and you’re birthday. I remember […]

The Globe The Globe Theatre was a theatre in London associated William Shakespeare. It was Built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s play company called the lord Chamberlains men. It was built on the land owned by Thomus Brend, who later inherited to his son Nicholas Brend and grandson Sir Matthew Brend, unfortunatly it was destroyed by […]

William Shakespeare At 18 Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway in 1556-1616, a woman eight years his senior, in a ceremony which people say was hard to arrange due to her pregnancy. she had a daughter, Susanna, This article is about the poet and playwright.who goes by the name of William Shakespeare.William Shakespeare is one of the […]

William Shakespeare This article is about the poet and playwright.who goes by the name of William Shakespeare.William Shakespeare is one of the world’s greatest writers. He wrote plays for the theaters. He wrote loads of poetry too.William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, a bustling market town 100 miles northwest of London, and was baptized there […]

______________________ |^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ||____ | The Van   Truck!               |||””‘|””\__,_      | ____________________ l||__|__|__|)        |(@)@)”””””””””””””’**|(@)(@)*****|(@)    

  scene starts with 4 suspected bank robbers in a black van. The boss: Stick your foot on the bloody pedal or ill give you two shots through your skull. Rego: I’m going as fast as I can and if you shoot me my squad be coming after you. Gon: (using hand gestures) Bruv shut your […]

Essay In this striking essay, which is situated on Shakespeare’s play called King Lear, I will be talking about what king Lear (a father) asked his three tender daughters who loves him the most and what and why they said. I shall be translating Shakespearean English to modern English. The story is all about a king called King Lear and his […]

My name is warren Sparkes I am 12 years old and am a skateboarder who lives in north London. I’ve got a younger sister and older brother. As you’ll expect from a family with brothers and sisters we argue alot and I mean alot. The other day we argued about who ate the last biscuit. […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway